Detailing & Cleaning

At Mile High Marine Storage & Service, we treat your boat like it belongs to us. That's why we offer full-service detailing that includes complete restorations for wood and classic boats. Prices may vary.


Keeping your boat clean is a tough job. If you don't have the time or the physical ability to do it, we'll handle the work for you.
Boat, Boat Repair Shop in Cedar Glen, CA
          •  Complete Detail-Includes Carpet Shampoo—$500.00
   •  Clean & Condition Interior & Upholstery—$150.00
   •  Vacuum—$75.00
   •  Clean & Polish Hull Sides & Deck with Mirror Glaze—$260.00
   •  Clean, Sand, Oil SimStep™ (Additional Cost If Dismantling Is Required)—$175.00
   •  Shampoo Carpeting—$150.00
   •  Algae Removal (Waterline & Below):
             o  Pontoons—$185.00
             o  All Other Boats—$175.00

Contact our boat repair shop in Cedar Glen, California, for service that makes your craft a standout in the water.