Boat Storage in Cedar Glen, California

All Indoor Storage

Protect your craft from the weather and other types of damage with boat storage from our facility in Cedar Glen, California. To request a quote on our maintenance and repair work, contact Mile High Marine Storage & Service.


100% Indoor Storage Facility

Your winter storage includes pick up and delivery to and from your dock on Lake Arrowhead. Winterizing, summarizing, test running your boat, and trailer storage is also provided.


Plenty of Space

To accommodate residential and commercial customers, we have enclosed storage for 400-plus boats. We use monitoring and alarms to create a secure facility.

Because we are a local service, you can rest easy that people who live in the area are looking after your boat. RV storage space is also available.

   •  Trailers for Boats up to 22'—$425.00
   •  Trailers for Boats 22' & Over—$465.00


Boat Storage Prices:

   •  12-13ft—$925.00
   •  13.1-16ft—$1025.00
   •  16.1-18ft—$1525.00
   •  18.1-20ft—$1650.00 
   •  20.1-22ft—$1750.00
   •  22.1-24ft—$1850.00
   •  24.1-26ft—$1950.00
Guaranteed Prices for Three Years 2011-2014

Contact our boat repair shop in Cedar Glen, California, for first-class services for your vessel.